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Using the Bluespec Development Workstation (BDW)

The Bluespec Development Workstation (BDW) is a graphical environment for design and debug of Bluespec models.
  • Simplifies ramp-up  - Graphical buttons to execute all build (compile, link, simulate, clean) commands
  • Integrated with 3rd party tools
    • Editors - gvim, emacs
    • Simulators - Bluesim, iverilog, modelsim, ncverilog, vcs/vcsi, cver/cvc, veriwell, isim
    • Waveform viewers - Verdi, Debussy, nWave
  • Browsers allow multiple perspectives of the design
  • Programmable access to compiler information for debug: Packages, Type, Scheduling, Elaborated Hierarchy
The BDW provides a quick, easy link to third-party waveform viewers.

The basic unit of work within the BDW is the project.  The project file (projectname.bspec) is a named collection of settings and options.

Window         Function
Main WindowCentral control window.  Manage projects, set project options, build projects and monitor status
Project Files Window        View, edit, and compile files in the project
Package WindowLoad packages into the workstation and browse their contents. Provides a high-level view of the types, interfaces, functions and modules defined in the package.
Type BrowserPrimary means for viewing information about types and interfaces.  Displays the full structure hierarchy and all concrete types derived from resolution of polymorphic types.
Module Browser      Links to external waveform viewers. Displays the design hierarchy and an overview of the contents of each module.  
Schedule Analysis WindowView schedule information including warnings, method calls, and conflicts between rules for a module
Scheduling Graphs  Graphical View of schedules, conflicts, and dependencies

Phases of a Project