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Training Resources

Complete Bluespec Training Course
To begin your Bluespec training, we suggest the standard Bluespec training course presented by our CTO Nikhil, available from  Demos on Demand.  Support resources for this training course include labs, downloadable PowerPoint slides, and documentation.  The Demos on Demand course is also available on CD.  To request a CD, contact Bluespec sales at [email protected].

Released Training Slides
Included as part of the general Bluespec release is a set of PowerPoint training slides available in a tar file containing the following 15 lectures:
  • Contents
  • Lecture 1   Introduction                                                       
  • Lecture 2   Combinational Structures and Basic  Types        
  • Lecture 3   Types Part I                                                    
  • Lecture 4   Module Hierarchy                                              
  • Lecture 5   Rules                                                                              
  • Lecture 6   Rule Scheduling                                                 
  • Lecture 7   Modularizing Behavior with Interface Methods      
  • Lecture 8   Performance Tuning
  • Lecture 9   More on Module Interfaces
  • Lecture 10  Multiple Clock Domains
  • Lecture 11  Compiling, Running, and Debugging
  • Lecture 12  Conclusion       
  • Lecture 13  Bluesim
  • Lecture 14  Direct C