Licensing Flags

BSC provides these compiler flags relating to the license

  • -licenseWarning days    sets the number of days before a license expires to issue a warning
  • -print-expiration             print the expiration date and exit
  • -show-license-detail      show more details regarding license acquisition
  • -wait-for-license             wait for license to free rather than exit


Allows you to find out when your Bluespec compiler license expires.

-licenseWarning days

By default,  bsc warns when the license expires in 30 days or less.  This flag allows you to set the warning period to the value specified by days.


This  option shows details of the license acquisition including search path and the server where the license was acquired.


This option is useful for batch operations when the user does not want the job to fail due to a busy license.  Under this option, the Bluespec compiler will queue a request for a license and then block execution until a license is freed.  License queuing is under the control of the FLEXnet\texttrademark software.  If you kill a process which is waiting for a license, ensure that all threads are killed; FLEXnet\texttrademark starts a separate thread to communicate with the license server.