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Bluespec Installation Guide

Latest Released Version


Released January 2012

Minimum Recommended System

CPU -- 1 GHz Pentium x86 processor (32 bit or 64 bit) 
RAM -- 512 MB memory for labs, 1 GB memory for design work 
Disk -- 512 MB free disk space 
OS -- 32-bit or 64 bit Linux

Bluesim has the additional requirement: 
32-bit or 64 bit: gcc 3.4 - 4.6 

Required Linux libraries:
The above OS requirements are known to be met by the following Linux
          Red Hat Enterprise 4
          Red Hat Enterprise 5
 Some of the above libraries may not come standard for some
 distributions and may therefore need to be installed manually. 

Verilog simulation tool 
Verilog synthesis tool 

FlexLM License Server Host 
Solaris (32-bit only) or Linux Enterprise, (32 or 64 bit) 
Flex Software included with Bluespec Release. 

BSV-to-SystemC requirements: 
32 bit: gcc 3.4-4.6, SystemC 2.11, 2.2.0 
64 bit: gcc 3.4-4.6, SystemC 2.2.0 

Development Workstation Graphs requirement: 
TclDot 2.21 or later 

build utility requirement: 
python 2.4 or later 

Note: the above is the "standard" platform, but the Bluespec tools 
also work on other Unix-like platforms; please contact us for details 
if necessary. 


Bluespec is licensed using the FlexLM system. To enable the Bluespec 
environment, you should have received (in a separate email) a license 
file, which must be installed on the license manager host. The 
util/flexlm directory contains additional instructions on installing 
the license manager and license file.

Installation Instructions

The latest release of Bluespec can be downloaded by registered customers who are registered from the Bluespec forums. 
The downloaded tar file should be uncompressed and unpackaged with tar into your tools directory. 

The unpacking creates a directory Bluespec-yyyy.mm with the following subdirectories:
  • lib
  • bin  
  • doc     
  • training
  • util

Environment Variables

The bin directory contains the compiler binary bsc which can be executed directly. 

The environment variable BLUESPECDIR is required, and must be set with the correct path to the lib directory:
BLUESPECDIR = /tools/Bluespec-yyyy.mm/lib

The environment variable BLUESPEC_HOME is optional, and should be set to the install directory:
BLUESPEC_HOME = /tools/Bluespec-yyyy.mm

The $BLUESPECDIR/../bin directory must be added to the $path.


Installing TclDot