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Each tutorial contains a .pdf file which guides you through development of a BSV design.  The Counter Tutorial and Traffic Light Tutorial also include tar files containing BSV files of the solutions.  The importBVI Tutorial includes a tar file with the BSV code examples, for you to modify and work with.

Emulation App Tutorial
A new tutorial with complete examples for implementing Emulation App with Bluespec tools and components, including using Bluespec-provided transactors as well as writing your own transactors.   Exercises include creating a GUI-testbench, adding probes for debugging, wrapping a Verilog DUT, using TLM transactors, and implementing a synthesizable testbench. Complete source code for all exercises is provided. 

Hello World
This is Bluespec's hardware equivalent of "Hello World!". If you want to get a feel for the steps in building your first design and using the toolset, this is a great starter tutorial.

Hello World

Counter Tutorial

If you want to get a feel for building a simple design and testbench using BSV, this is another great starter tutorial. This is a hands-on, progressive walk-through of a relatively small example. You can also download the BSV code solutions.

Counter Tutorial

Counter Tutorial: BSV Solutions

Traffic Light Tutorial

This tutorial develops a BSV specification of an intelligent traffic light at an intersection. It is a good review and practice for those who have completed BSV training and can also be used as an introduction to BSV. The use of rules is highlighted in this tutorial.

You can download just the tutorial, or a tar file containing the tutorial and BSV solutions.
Traffic Light Tutorial

Traffic Light Tutorial and BSV Solutions


This tutorial describes methods for wrapping an RTL model (Verilog or VHDL) for use in a BSV design. Different design options are discussed, along with examples.

You can download just the tutorial, or a tar file containing the tutorial and BSV code samples to modify and work with.
importBVI Tutorial

importBVI Tutorial including BSV code