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Non Bit Types

In addition to the many Bit types found in Bluespec, there are many other types which must be resolved at compile-time and cannot be turned into hardware bits.   These types are most useful during compile time elaboration, where Bluespec allows the manipulation of objects of these types for complicated and highly parameterized designs.

The most commonly used non-Bit types are:
  • Integer : Integers are unbounded in size and are commonly used as loop indices for compile-time evaluation.
  • String : Strings are mostly used in system functions (such as $display).  They can be tested for equality and inequality.
  • Interface : Since interfaces are considered a type they can be passed to and returned from functions.

The following can be considered types.  See the BSV Reference Manual for the functions which manipulate these types.
  • Action
  • ActionValue
  •  Rules
  •  Modules 
  •  Functions