Message P0007


Warning: "AxiXtorTop.bsv", line 108, column 16: (P0072)
  The definition `mkNullCrossing' is deprecated. Replaced by

mkNullCrossing is considered dangerous to use (and bluesim does not support it) because it does not guarantee atomicity across rules in clock boundaries.  This is not to say it can't be used:  You will have to manually be certain the generated logic functions correctly.  Careful use of mkNullCrossing will work fine in verilog and in emulation.  But in order to allow the compiler to be determine atomicity across rules in both clock domains, you should use mkNullCrossingWire (which has more scheduling restrictions - specifically that it's data read must be first in the schedule for the cycle - meaning that it should be driving from a registered element)...