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BSV Documentation

BSV by Example

This book teaches the BSV language through small, complete, executable BSV programs.  While not an exhaustive reference manual of all BSV features, it describes many of the most commonly used features.  A tar file containing all examples in machine-readable form is also provided.

BSV Reference Manual

The Bluespec Reference Guide is a detailed language reference manual and set of documentation for the library packages

BSV User Guide

The Bluespec User Guide describes the mechanics and logistics of running the Bluespec tools from either the Development Workstation or the unix command line.  The User Guide also contains the reference manuals for Bluesim and Bluetcl.

BSV Quick Reference Card

This card is a short, convenient reference to Bluespec SystemVerilog syntax.

Known Problems and Solutions

KPNS describes some known issues with the compiler and their solutions.

Verification with Bluespec SystemVerilog

This document provides a verification methodology for use with Bluespec System Verilog designs.

emVM User Guide

This document describes Bluespec's emVM environment for implementing software-hardware co-emulation with FPGAs.

Understanding Error Messages

More detail on what error messages mean and what to do about them.  And incomplete list, but this will be filled in over time...