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clocked_by Attribute

The attribute clocked_by= allows the user to assert which clock an input port is associated with, to specify that the port has no_clock, or to associate the clock with the default_clock. If the clocked_by= attribute is not provided, the default clock will be used.

Attribute Syntax

module modulename (...  (*clocked_by="clockname" *) argument...) ;

The clocked_by = attribute immediately precedes the input port the clock is associated with.

To specify that a port is not clocked by any clock or by the default clock, the appropriate term is used for the clock string.


(* clocked_by = "no_clock" *) argument
(* clocked_by = "default_clock" *) argument

BSV Example

module mkMod (Clock c2, (* clocked_by = "c2" *) Bool b,
ModIfc ifc);

Generated Verilog

 module mkMod(CLK_c2,
input CLK_c2;
input b;
input CLK;
input RST_N;